Angel is looking for another angel

Yesterday, I shared a picture of a frightened pit bull mix who is missing part of her upper lip.

As I predicted, “Angel” still has a beautiful smile.

brindle pit mix smiling

Life is already getting better.

Angel is off the streets but still needs help.  Here is her story, as told by Julie, the Midwest Adopt-a-Bull volunteer who helped catch her:

I came to know “Angel” under sad circumstances, and I am now as motivated to find her a quality foster home, more than I have ever been in my life, about any dog. Angel was seen roaming in a neighborhood for several weeks but would avoid people, noises, cars…anything that made scary sounds or moved too quickly. She had come to trust a neighbor who was giving her food and water whenever she would show up here and there, and would return nightly to sleep outside the bedroom window, next to house in a safe corner.

The lady contacted me over the weekend, and we set up an action plan to try to get her to a safe place. Long story short, after an hour and a half getting to know Angel, feeding her treats, and moving ever-so-slowly, we were able to get her in my car for a trip to the vet.

brindle pit mix with missing lip

There’s a curious Angel.

She is the most tolerant dog I’ve ever met, turning away as the neighbor’s feisty chihuahua snapped and growled at her…Allowing me to carry her into the scary vet office lobby….Shaking and panting from her nerves, yet licking my hand when I gave her a treat. This poor girl needs help and needs it fast.

Angel is  heartworm negative and not microchipped. She is likely about a year old and definitely a pit mix, possibly a boxer or rottweiler mix.
She can be listed with Midwest Adopt-a-Bull but needs a foster home first.
Julie is certain that in a safe, loving, quiet home, Angel will respond quickly and become an excellent companion.
brindle pit bull mix

Will you be Angel’s angel?

If you or someone you know can help Angel, please leave a comment or contact Julie at jtischer77(a)yahoo[dot]com.


About crystalwayward

I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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  1. She is a very pretty girl and I so she gets her forever home real soon!

  2. Angel is an angel and so are you! I hope she finds a loving home very soon.

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