Meet the office dogs and enter a contest

Like a great many working people, I spend my weekdays away from my dogs. Pets are not allowed at the office where I compose corporate communications and manage social media efforts for Staples Promotional Products.

Yet, the group I work in does have a pair of canine mascots.

Plush golden retriever and plush black labrador

Luke and Charlie Machete in plush.

By coincidence these plush pups happen to be almost-life-size doppelgangers of my golden retriever Luke and black foster dog Charlie Machete.

The stuffed dogs are coming in quite handy this week as models for the items being given away in a contest I helped coordinate for the company’s corporate blog,

Unlike this blog, the site I oversee for work does giveaways all the time. This is the first contest we’ve run so far that pertains to pets. Because it’s dog-specific and includes an opportunity to help homeless dogs, I wanted to let my Wayward Dogs readers know about it.

Plush black labrador retriever models leash and pet bath care items for giveaway

Charlie Machete, the office version.

The contest works like this: People submit a photo of their dog, along with the name and website of their favorite 501c3 non-profit animal shelter or rescue group and why they think that organization should win a gaggle of gifts from Staples Promotional Products. The winner will be selected based on the case made for the non-profit and the entrant’s social media engagement related to the contest.

The prize is a personal pet package for the winner and a bigger grab bag of goodies for the dogs in the designated non-profit.

Not all of the prizes have arrived at Staples Promotional Products’ Overland Park, Kansas, headquarters yet. Among the items I wish I could take home with me are a bone-shaped, heavy absorbency pet towel and a couple sets of blingy collars and leashes from Diane Katzman Design.

Diane Katzman Design collar and leash

Image courtesy: Diane Katzman Design

Other items being given away include pet bath care items – shampoo, detangler, perfume – food bowls and some gorgeous reusable tote bags with bulldogs on them.

The prizes are all provided by vendors who make all manner of products that companies and organizations can customize with their own logos to promote their brands. Pet-themed promotional products are ideal giveaways for a variety of businesses, including retail pet boutiques, pet food companies and even shelters.

The items from the contest that will be going to the winning non-profit group include multiple useful items, such as collars, leashes and bandanas that I think would be great to put in adoption kits that go with pets when they go to their forever homes.

Now, are you ready to enter this contest?

Head to this link:

Plush golden retriever

Office Luke wishes you good luck!

Fun Fact: I’ll be receiving a goody bag of promotional items from Wayside Waifs as part of my runners’ package when I participate in my first 5K  in September.

Big thanks to everyone who is sponsoring Charlie Machete and me in the run! You are the best friends and readers ever, and you can bet I’ll be calling out all of you publicly in a future post!

Have you ever received a promotional gift from a company that your pets could use? If so, what was it and why did you get it?

About crystalwayward

I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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  1. I’m lucky I can bring my dog to work, I don’t often do it because 8 hours in here it’s too much for him. At home at least he can run up and downstairs. However, Fridays I go home after lunch and pick him up.
    I’ve never received promotional gifts for my pet, the problem is that most companies are based in US and they do not ship to the states, however, that doesn’t keep me from submitting pics to contests lol.

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