Jogging with dogs

Dogs need exercise.

In fact they should get at least one walk per day. Why not a jog?

Three canines coexist with me right now, and at some point I have tried running with all of them. It hasn’t always gone so well.



Profile: Ancient miniature pinscher

Running style: His legs are short, so he’s always running, even when you’re just walking.

Running gear: Due to his collapsing trachea, he needs to wear a full body harness that doesn’t put any pressure on his neck or throat.

Analysis: Too small, too old and too slow. Not a good running partner. (But a pretty good walker.)



Profile: Middle aged golden retriever

Running style: Likes to run fast, and he would prefer to not be leashed while doing so. Has a tendency to go too hard, too fast and then poop out. Once he got so tired that he had to be picked up in a car.

Running gear: A gentle leader is absolutely necessary to help him maintain a regular pace and not zig zag in front of his human partner.

Analysis: Although an OK running partner, Luke needs a specific partner. That person is not me. (It’s Zach.)

Charlie Machete


Profile: Young, athletic black lab/chow/pit bull/??? mix

Running style: Not too fast, not too slow. Charlie Machete generally likes to run slightly behind or a hair ahead of his human partner. He’s ready to go anytime. Does not understand the phrase “too tired to run.”

Running gear: A gentle leader provides maximum control and keeps him from getting distacted in case of a passing bunny. (He looks good in his formerly pink, now green gentle leader.)

Analysis: Most awesome running partner ever!

What’s your dog’s running style?

Need an awesome running partner? Charlie Machete is available for adoption through Midwest Adopt-a-Bull.

Come back tomorrow to learn about an event where Charlie Machete and I will be jogging together in public!


About crystalwayward

I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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  1. I jog with Dixie in the fall, winter and spring. It’s way too hot to take her in the summer, so I have to start her slow when we start back. We started walking together last week and she is the “goes to hard, too fast then poops out” type to start with. Our first walk, I ended up having to carry her a few blocks (and I’m sure me walking down the road carrying a 55 lb dog who seems to be enjoying the ride looked absolutely ridiculous!). She’s been better on our last few walks where she has tried not to go to fast. Do you carry water bottles with you when you run the dogs? How far do you go?

    • I started giggling just picturing you carrying Dixie down the street! I have had to do that for Scooby, but he’s a lot easier to carry!
      We are running between 1.5 and 3 miles roughly every day. Depending on how hot it is, I will pack water. However, at about the halfway point, there is a water fountain that is made for dogs in our neighborhood park, so that usually suffices.
      I want to get one of those backpacks for Charlie Machete so that he can carry some water for both of us. Or maybe one of those belts that I see human runners wearing that holds an iPod, water bottle and everything else.
      Do you use either of those things? Do you have a recommendation?

  2. Love those gentle leaders, one of the better dog paraphernalia I have invested in 🙂

  3. I liked your thorough research into finding the perfect running partner! 🙂 Great pictures!

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