A guest blogger’s thoughts on food for your dog

How do you decide which food to put in your dog’s bowl? Today’s UK-based guest blogger has some thoughts about this topic. The specific brands he mentions may be new to readers in the U.S. (They were to me!)

empty dog food bowl

What should go in here?

Know Your Dog!

Owning a pet is like having a child. You have to be as careful with your pet as you are with your baby. Due to their loyal, protective, emotional and adorable nature, dogs are the preferred pets among animals. Taking care of your dog is not child’s play. Since it is a canine, a different species than humans, its needs are different. You cannot always feed your dog with what you eat. The food and other requirements of a dog are different and hence as a dog owner, you must look out for specialised dog food options that best suit your dog.

Choosing the right food for your dog calls for thorough knowledge of canine likes, dislikes, body chemistry and market availability of dog food brands.  The market is flooded with fake dog foods loaded with lots of preservatives, fillers like grains and lacking any real nutrition in the form of amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.  Dogs require lots of protein in their diet and hence meat is the optimum option for them.

MIniature pinscher with a dog treat

Scooby can be very finicky.

Is Your Dog Brand-finicky or Adaptive?

Many dogs prefer chicken and liver over other treats. Choosing a quality brand that guarantees complete meat rather than cheap grain fillers is key to your dog’s good health.  Applaws is one brand which dogs love and some literally bark for. Dog foods are available in both dry and moist forms. They are customized as per your dog’s breed, size and other characteristics. So choose your dog food buys as per your vet’s recommendations. A good dog food will also contain a lot of fibers. Dogs fall prey to indigestion and obesity. Including foods rich in fibers ensures a good digestion and also prevents obesity in the long run.

Apart from Applaws, Chappie is another good dog food brand. It is made of fish, chicken and cereals. It is low in fat, high in protein, fibres and provides the essential vitamins. Also, there are different varieties of dog foods for neutered as well as unneutered dogs.  Many dog owners also prefer Denes as it is made of high quality natural ingredients. Bakers Dog Food offers food varieties that cater to the changing needs of your dog as per life stages. Bacon, lamb and rabbit meat are dog favourites.

Has FDA Approved?

For authentic dog food, check out the label for FDA approval before purchase. The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA) necessitates that all animal foods, like human foods, are safe to eat, produced under sanitary conditions, contain no harmful substances and are truthfully labelled. Also, canned foods must pass the low-acid regulations to make sure that the pet food does not contain viable microbes.

Look out for labels that mention corn meals and refrain from buying such packets. Corn is not very usable by the dog’s body. It is also associated with skin allergies, joint swelling and bloating in these creatures.  A grain-free diet is the best bet for your dog as canines were not meant to eat grains but bite into meat.  If your dog is shedding more hairs, has a dull coat and is reeking of body odour, it could be an indication that it has been on a bad diet for a long time.

A young corgi dog

Kasey the corgi says, “Feed me right!”

Care for Your Dog

You must take care of certain things related to dog care.  Make sure you monitor your dog’s weight regularly and keep an eye on its stool quality – wet or dry.  Always keep the dog bowl filled with fresh water. Feed your pet on a fixed schedule so that you can regulate his bathroom needs.  Always consult your vet in case of doubts.

 Guest blogger Roger likes to write about Pets, especially Dogs and overall Pet Nutrition. He thinks choosing proper Dog Food is very important for the growth and well being of your dog.

Editor’s note: The links in this blog take you to an online pet food retailer based in the United Kingdom. I have not used the service and therefore cannot recommend it, but I had fun cruising around and comparing it to similar companies in the U.S.

Do you agree with what Roger has to say about dog food? What brands are you loyal to? Sound off in the comments!

Barking dog in a crate.

Charlie Machete has serious opinions on this and many subjects.


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  1. @ Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful information with us.

  2. You know I have to pipe up! 🙂 Several bizarre things in this post. Food for neutered or unneutered pets? Uhhh…? Why?

    FDA regulation means very little in regards to food being “produced under sanitary conditions, contain no harmful substances” at least not in the US. Have you heard of our recalls? Those foods labelled just like everything else.

    I do not agree with my vet on what I should feed my dogs. At least not my conventional one. Nor do I consult them. That would be a long awkward conversation.

    Not all dogs should eat a grain-free diet. Dogs are not carnivores. They are omnivores and opportunistic scavengers. They don’t digest grain as efficiently as meat, but they do digest it. Minus the presence of a grain allergy, some grain, particularly novel grain sources (barley, quinoa, etc) are appropriate.

    Also no mention of raw? Or how wet food is a big fat nutritional waste of money. Again, bizarre.

  3. A couple years ago a lot of pets got sick here from melamine in their food. I am pretty sure those foods were FDA approved. The FDA cannot continually monitor output to gurantee any sort of quality. After that I seriously thought about making my own dog food so it would fresher and higher quality. I still might go that route, but there is a lot to consider before doing so. My concern was that not being use to a raw diet, my dogs might impact themselves on bone meal and that could result in illness or death. I do think ove3rall, if they were able to make the transition, both them and I would be happier for it.

  4. Dogs or Dollars: I did know you would pipe up, and I’m glad you did. I suppose I ought to spell out somewhere that guest posts reflect the views and opinions of the author alone and not necessarily me, the woman behind this whole site. Thank you for piping up with some extremely relevant critiques of the post, which, honestly, I did hope would ignite some perspective sharing in the comments. 🙂

    Low Shedding Dogs: Thank you for bringing up the melamine tragedy. I think that forever changed the way many people thought about the choices they made in regard to what they fed their dogs. I, too, have dabbled in making my own pet food and thought about raw but never made the jump. For now, we stick to very high-quality, USA-made grain-free dry kibble as a staple supplemented with lots of vegetable and meat scraps and healthy dog treats. I absolutely recommend if you want to get some seriously good tips on homemade, raw and every other dog food option that exists.

  5. Great post, packed with lots of info. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I agree, dogs are not carnivores like so many people think, they are omnivores and it has been my experience at times that some people just do not believe that so I tell them to research it themselves.

    I like to give fresh fruits and veggies to my guys as a treat, so far they like tomatoes, carrots, green beans, mushrooms, sweet potatoes (fries) oranges, strawberries, blueberries, grapefruit, cantelope and the favorite is watermelon.

    I try to research a dog food thoroughly before feeding it to my gang and the last time I switched food I found out something rather interesting and that is the preservative they use on the fish they have shipped in for pet foods is called Ethoxyquin. This preservative is also used to harden rubber and as a pesticide. The kicker to this is they do not have to list it on the label if the dog food manufacturing company did not put it in there so since it is shipped in from elsewhere it may not be listed on the label. The food I ended up going with does not use any products that are persevered this with. You can read more here

    Recalls happen with many pet foods even the high end ones so it is important to be aware when a recall happens, and I am always more impressed with the company’s who do a voluntary recall when they suspect something than those who wait to see if animals get sick.

    • This is why I’m so happy to have this website – all the stuff I can learn from fellow dog people. I had never heard of Ethoxyquin, but I will try to steer clear of it now.

      Good for you on feeding veggies to the dogs. I’ve heard that tomatoes can be a problem because of the seeds, but our pups have been known to swipe a ‘mater here and there. Zach has been doing a lot of veggie juicing lately, so I want to start giving the leftover pulp to the dogs. I know they’ll like it. When they hear the juicer turn on, they come running.

      • Isn’t it funny how they learn the noises of the appliances, my old cat comes running when he hears the can opener but only on tuna…so maybe he smells it too 😉 I bet your guys will love that pulp.

        I gave Maia the end of the tomato where there aren’t any seeds but that led to stealing whole tomatoes right off the counter 🙂 I will keep that in mind about the seeds though, I could see where that might cause a little stomach/bowel upset.

      • It is truly amazing the sounds animals can recognize. Scooby is hard of hearing now, but years ago, he would hear the sound of my boyfriend’s car approaching well before I ever did. I only knew because the little dog would start getting squirmy and excited several seconds before I heard the rumble of the engine.

  7. Hi,

    I am glad that everyone enjoyed my post here and I hope you must have found it interesting and informative. It is really important that you choose proper food for your Dog, as it\’s the only way that your Dog will get complete Nutrition and will keep him healthy and active. Also take your Pets regularly to the vet, to keep them away from any problems.

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