Police Dog Trading Cards

Some kids collect sports trading cards.

I did. But I also amassed other random “collectable” items.

Like police dog trading cards!


These were sponsored by T.O. Haas Tire, a tire company in Nebraska.

My dad, who was a police officer in my hometown of Beatrice, supplied me with the cards.

As I recall, there was a card for Quentin, the local K9 cop my dad helped train. However, that card seems to have been lost over the years.





What do you think of these? Has anyone else ever heard of police dog trading cards?


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I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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  1. I have never heard of these but what a great way to recognize our canine hero’s!

  2. I’ve never heard of these, but this makes me take a walk down memory. In grade school, we had a ‘100’ day where everyone brought in and displayed 100 items they collected (marbles, baseball cards, etc). Mine just happened to be dogs (stuffed animals, stickers, necklaces) – haha, awww memories =) I’m going to have to dig out the pictures now!

  3. That’s a very clever idea. Maybe I should start an “animals for adoption” card swapping program?

  4. HOW FUN! My dad collected non-sport trading cards so it was a huge deal to be allowed to open new card packs. We had a huge assortment of collections ourselves, but not these! Never seen them, pretty cool though!

    • I think these may have been a one-time promotion between the tire company and the Nebraska law enforcement departments. However, I’m pretty sure that some war dogs do appear on the military trading cards that some folks collect. If not, they should.

  5. I love them, and no, I had never heard of or seen any before.

  6. I had these when I was a kid! We got them as prizes for various things in my first grade class, and I was obsessed with them because I loved animals way more than people.

    I decided to google this on a whim because no one I ask about these ever knows what I am talking about. I’ve googled it a few times in the past with no results. I’m so glad to finally find someone else who had these cards! I unfortunately no longer have mine.

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