Wayward Turtle Madewell Style

The last time I played dress up on something, a former foster dog ended up in an outfit that accentuated her “husky” body so much a person on the street yelled out “Look at that fat dog!”

I tend to have better luck dressing myself.

Dressing a mannequin? That’s something I never attempted until recently.

That’s not me.

Several Sundays ago, I attended a shopping party full of other Kansas City bloggers and hosted by a stylin’ mama named Meggy who writes Chasing Davies.

The event was held in Leawood, Kansas, at one of the newest brick and mortar locations for Madewell, a popular online women’s fashion retailer. Besides shopping, the party included a hair braiding bar, sweet refreshments served in adorable mason jars and mannequin styling.

That’s a peach bellini, Madewell style.

Trends and fashion are prominent themes for many of the bloggers who attended the party. Some of them really are professional stylists. They seemed super excited about the chance to build beautiful outfits for everyone to see.

Just like the shopping party at Saks OFF Fifth, my companion for this event was my friend Stephanie, keeper of the Turtle Soup Daily blog and a frequent contributor to the blog I manage for work.

Stephanie and I have no delusions about our futures in the world of wardrobe styling, but we decided to dress up a mannequin just for fun.

We didn’t name our mannequin that day, but let’s call her look “Cassandra.”

Stephanie adjusts Cassandra’s belt.

Do you think we over-accessorized her?

No ensemble is complete without shoes.

Cassandra – presented to you by Wayward Dogs, Turtle Soup Daily and Madewell. Photo by Stephanie Hertel.

Because I tend to do more clothes swapping than clothes shopping, I wasn’t very familiar with Madewell’s offerings prior to the event. But I can get down with the brand’s mash-up of yacht wear and bohemia. I even tried on a pretty adorable sweater with meerkats on it.

In fact, I had so much fun that there may be another party happening this year at Madewell, co-hosted by this blog and benefitting a doggone good cause.

For more Madewell party pics, check out Nicole Clifford Photography’s album on Facebook.

Have you ever dressed a mannequin? With whom do you play dress up? Share your fashion-creating experiences in the comments!

How do you think Cassandra compares to her competition?


About crystalwayward

I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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  1. I love her name! I think Cassandra was my standard name for myself in high school Spanish class… very fitting!

    Great review of the event, looking forward to sharing more blogging adventures with you!

  2. I think you both did a great job, very cute!! What a fun experience! I have never dressed a mannequin but I have on occasion played dress up with my niece when she visits, we even do make up 🙂

  3. Oh, you make me wish I’d gone to this event! I like your styling!

  4. We would’ve never known you were a mannequin novice! Cassandra looked adorable:). Katie and I are so excited about all your event ideas…can’t wait to get something on the calendar! Thanks for co-hosting!

  5. I like the accessories.

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