The counting continues

A familiar, fleet-footed brindle mix laid nervous eyes on me last Friday.


As if I could forget the original inspiration for this blog – chronicling the wayward dogs who cross my path – there’s always Stella.

She’s the wily boxer/pit bull/greyhound dog who gave me a workout on at least three occasions last summer when she escaped her backyard and took a joyrun past my house.

When I saw her the other night, she wasn’t far from the home I took her back to in the past. That was good, because with both Luke and foster dog Charlie Machete in tow, I could do no more than entice her to follow me, which, of course, she didn’t want to do.

My gut says Stella made it home that night. However, it was disappointing to note that – unlike in the past – she didn’t seem to have any ID tags on her collar.

In Kansas City, wayward animals found wearing a license can get a free ride home from animal control, provided the owner can be reached.

If they didn’t get home some other way, maybe that rule helped the pair of wayward dogs encountered on Indian Creek Trail by the KC Pittie Pack the very next morning. Although they wouldn’t let us get close, those obvious dog buddies did appear to be wearing collars and tags.

They turned tail when a member of our dog socialization group handed her own animal to a friend and took two steps in their direction.

I’ve added all three of these dogs to my 2012 wayward dog count. Over halfway through the year, we’re up to two “saves,” four “sightings” and one unsuccessful “chase.”

Honestly, I would love to not have to update that list ever again. But it’s summer – high time for escapes – and there’s that whole pet overpopulation problem that continues to dog this and so many modern cities.

What do you do when you run into a wayward dog? Have you seen any lately?

Want to adopt a formerly wayward dog? Check out the Adoptable page for information about my foster dog Charlie Machete and several other available dogs.


About crystalwayward

I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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  1. The big guy and I were on our way to town when we came across a Labrador wandering along the grass verge. There was no owner insight, so we went over to the dog who was happily wagging its tail at us, at least it was wearing an wearing an ID tag. Luckily there was a phone number on the tag which we rang, the owner was at work, however she came out of work and we met up and handed her dog over.

    The owner informed us that her dog was fast becoming an escape artist and on this occasion her dog had climbed a high fence and a gate to escape.

    We’ve driven past the same place several times but haven’t seen her dog out on its own since, hopefully she has found a way to prevent its escaping.

  2. There was a yellow lab that wandered into my front yard a couple months ago. I went outside to try and get him to come to me but Boomer saw him and started barking, that just scared him off and I haven’t seen him since. Of course he was wearing a collar with no tags and hadn’t been neutered yet.

    I hate when I see dogs running loose I’m afraid they won’t find their way home, or they were dumped. I hate to see what could happen to them. It breaks my heart!

  3. Holding thumbs that the dog found it’s way home and, as always, for Charlie Machete as well.

  4. Encountered an angry little terrier (of course) on a walk-about during our vacay last weekend. Made 2 separate attempts at making friends, only to be rewarded with snarling and barking for my trouble.

    My gut tells me he was close to home. But I still hated to walk away.

  5. Being that we are up to 7 rescues at the DogDaz zoo, you kind of can tell what we do with Wayward animals. Mostly, we try to find the owners, then we take them to the vet, not the shelter, to give them some time. Many of my neighbors are poor pet owners and do not tag or collar their animals. One said to me, ‘well, she has a microchip, so why bother?’ It’s hard out there. Thanks for picking up the strays.

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