From foes to bros

Wayward House is full of dudes.

There’s also this guy:


Everyone hasn’t always gotten along.

That little one can be very possessive of his mama. And he does get the bragging rights, having been with me longer than any of the other dudes.

Truthfully, Scooby still likes to bite someone (ahem, Charlie Machete) in the face for encroaching on the mama territory or getting too close to where treats may be distributed.

Luckily, Charlie Machete seems to respect his elderpin.


Our real concern has always been the vibe between the big boys.

We used to think Luke hated Charlie Machete.

But now they do this:


How does your pack get along?


About crystalwayward

I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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  1. Cute post! Our pack gets along great. Chloe is the dominant lady between both dogs and keeps a watchful eye on Mr. Naughty Dante. They love to play tug of war and tag. And at night they snuggle together =) Awww….

  2. Yay, great to see everyone getting along 🙂

  3. Aw… I love to see pups all mushed together in a cuddle pile. I wish Boomer and Dottie still did that, they like their space a little too much now and Dottie is a bed hog.

    • Li’l Scooby sleeps in the bed with us at night, and I am always shocked at how much of the bed a 9.5-pound creature can hog. Charlie Machete would be up there all night, too, if we let him!

  4. My pack is all girls! 2 dogs 2 cats ( the turtle I don’t know if he/she) They all get along as far as not hurting each other. They all do love to pick on,chase each other.If a dog is in the create for time out the cats are there to tease them. If a cat is laying down chilling the dogs are sure to come by and chase them. I have watched the 2 cats get together and plan on a play attack on the dogs. The 2 dogs actively play inside and out all threw the day. When my son comes over to visit they all swarm him , climb on him and follow him. My pack makes me laugh a lot.

  5. The first picture is absolutely wonderful!

  6. CHARLIE IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! I can’t stop staring at him. You need to meet our Lazer! Total brothers.

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