This dog has a really great name

Meet Arria.

Just like Charlie Machete, this beautiful dog is available for adoption through the Midwest Adopt-a-Bull rescue organization.

Arria is currently under the loving care of her foster family Lexi and Derek. Lexi says:

“I really love Arria to death. If I could, I would keep her all to myself. But that also would prevent me from helping any other dogs. We will be sad to see her leave, but we will be so happy to see her go to her forever home.”

To that, I say, “Amen, sister.”

Here’s a little more of what Lexi has to say about her 40-pound, less-than-a-year-old, kid-friendly foster pit Arria:

What is Arria’s story?

Arria was a runaway dog that had been found. Her previous owners had moved to a city with breed specific legislation against pit bulls. They had then found her but obviously couldn’t take her due to where they had moved to. So she was at the Independence Shelter awaiting a rescue to take her before her time was up since the law prevented the shelter from adopting her out to the public.

Where did that name come from?

My boyfriend and I had begun watching the Game of Thrones series on HBO. One of the daughters on that show is named Arya. We stole the name. I think it fits her well to name her after the character because of how strong-willed and determined that character is. Not only does it remind me of a strong person but it’s also a beautiful name in my opinion.

What is Arria like?

Arria is a sweetheart. She loves attention. My boyfriend jokes that we should have named her ‘kisses’ because she loves to give us and our dogs constant kisses. She has been an instant companion. She loves to sit at our side and follow us around the house. She even sits and lays her head on the coffee table and watches TV. She loves our dogs and the neighbors dogs.

How has Arria improved or changed since coming to live with you?

When Arria came to us she did not know commands. We also don’t allow our dogs on the furniture, so we don’t allow Arria up there. She had a hard time learning not to jump up there or to jump up on guests. She has been great with house training, command training, and not jumping up anymore.

What else should potential adopters know about this dog?

She actually has no interest in toys or dog treats, so as you can imagine she just sits around and watches TV with us hahaha aside from running around outside. Arria is so great in her kennel. She doesn’t have accidents, she doesn’t cry out to us, and she sleeps all night with no complaints! It’s amazing. We are currently trying to break our 5 month old puppy of crying in her kennel when she wants out so it’s a relief not to have both of them doing it!

How did you get involved in fostering?

I’ve been helping rescue Pit Bulls with two different rescues now. I’ve volunteered my time with rescues and have occasionally found runaway dogs with tags that I have helped return to their owners. I have been wanting to foster for a while now, but my circumstances never seemed to allow me to do so. Now, my boyfriend, Derek, and I have our own house that we are renting so we took on fostering. I had actually found a dog outside at my work and took him home planning on fostering him unless we found his owners. When I went to get him scanned for a microchip, he was indeed chipped and I was able to return him to his owner. The next day, I went to the Independence animal shelter and pulled Arria before her time was up.

Does Arria sound like a dog for you or someone you know?

Check her out on the Midwest Adopt-a-Bull’s available dogs page.

While you’re there, also check out my foster dog Charlie Machete’s profile and consider helping out the organization with a donation or by volunteering!


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  1. What a GORGEOUS dog… Her coloring, eyes, the pink of the collar against that fur — just divine. Much ♥♥♥ in your efforts! She seems like such a sweetheart.

  2. beautiful name for a beautiful dog. : )

  3. What a Cutie – wish I had room in my life for a dog and maybe someday I will! Thanks for sharing this Sweetie – Happy Saturday:)

  4. I love the name and the story behind it. I enjoy the program, so can relate and my husband has a habit of naming all animals after fantasy type characters.

  5. Reblogged this on iamchamberly and commented:
    Oh, I want this lady in my home. 😥

  6. What a beauty! I hope she finds a wonderful forever home.

  7. Arria is a sweetheart! I do hope she finds a loving home soon.

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