Do you know this squash?

My mutant squash seems to have matured.


We harvested a dozen of these things this week. I am unsure precisely what they are. All are colored like butternut squash and some have that shape.  Others are bigger than a butternut, with a crooked neck.

They really are huge.


No matter the shape, each squash has a base about the size of a coffee cup.

The crookneck squash are about Scooby size.

How could I not know the variety of squash harvested from my own garden, you ask? Well, suffice it to say I’m not a very organized gardener.

I planted several varieties of squash, pumpkin, melons and cucumbers in very close proximity. The lone plant that yielded these fruits pretty much took over. And I was pretty sure that seedling – which I grew from seed – was a giant pumpkin.

Until we solve the mystery, these mutant squash are a nice addition to our kitchen decor.


Do you know what these mutant squash might be? Do you know a good squash recipe?

About crystalwayward

I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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  1. Amazing. Well done on getting these to grow so well.

    • Their existence is a testament to themselves. I’m a terribly neglectful gardener. But every year, one or two things rises up to defy me with fecundity. Last year, it was eggplants and some strange melon.

  2. WOW, they look GREAT!! We found a yummy squash casserole awhile back… I honestly forgot *what kind* of squash we used, but it was tasty. 🙂

  3. Either way, it will be delicious! I miss garden fresh squash sauteed with olive oil, oregano and basalmic vinegar.

  4. Ashley Wright

    I’m always a fan of butternut and shallot pizza 🙂 Homemade thin crust, thinly sliced and roasted butternut and shallots, lightly spread some olive oil, add your roasted veggies and sprinkle with rosemary and parmesan cheese. **Yum**

  5. They just look like overgrown butternut squash to me… interesting!

  6. I love that the squash are ‘scooby sized’. 🙂

    I’m also saying butternut, of which I’ve seen some pretty big suckers! Nice work Crystal!

  7. They sure are an interesting shape and would look great dried and painted with colorful designs.

  8. Squash on Overdrive – ha! Have a Great Weekend!

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