Charlie Machete is Lennox

Animal lovers the world over were heartbroken this week when breed specific legislation (aka breed discriminatory legislation) in Northern Ireland led to the death of a pit bull type dog named Lennox.

The same happens to thousands of dogs every day in U.S. shelters. Lack of space and resources, lack of adopters and BSL all contribute to the death of healthy, beautiful animals that would make fine human companions.

Charlie Machete doesn’t know what kind of dog he is for sure, but like Lennox, he’s been to death row and he’s been labeled as a pit bull type dog. And he thinks it’s lame that anyone would discriminate against him or any dog based on supposed breed.


For more information about why discriminating against specific dog breeds isn’t the answer, check out this BSL guide from Stubby Dog.

To learn about making Charlie Machete, a Midwest Adopt-a-Bull dog, part of your family, head to the Adoptable page.


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I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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  1. Lennox’s story hit a little too close to home. I hope the international attention it received will help to turn the tide on BDL.

  2. I still Love that handsome Charlie Machete! I so hope he finds his forever home!
    There is s dog named Duke who is going threw the same as Lennox
    Partial statement from Alison Smillie. Duke is my grand-dog, our court case is coming up soon, I would like to tell you all what has happened but feel because he belongs to my son and because I do not want to jeopardise any chance that we may have of getting him home I cannot divulge any info that may have an adverse reaction in court. As you will understand we are very very upset and worried (especially today with poor Lennox and his family)
    You can read full statement on facebook page.

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