Tara the neighborhood elderbull

Sometimes, helping a wayward dog get home isn’t that big of a deal.

If you’re a fan of Wayward Dogs on Facebook, you may have caught a recent status update about me stopping to help a neighborhood dog before work.

That dog was Tara.

Tara the elderbull

She’s a tough tank of an elderbull who lives around the corner. She belongs to a retired couple who take her for a walk along the Trolley Track Trail every afternoon.

This pit bull type dog was found wandering a dangerous street in Kansas City in her younger days. She landed with a rescue group and eventually with my neighbors’ daughter. They took over Tara’s care when their daughter was deployed in the military.

When I saw Tara trotting down the street without her people I knew something wasn’t right, so I pulled over.

When I knelt down and solicited her, she just cocked her head and turned in the other direction — toward home.

I followed her in the car, arriving in front of her house about the same time that her owner screamed around the corner in his truck. His face was stricken.

“Have you seen Tara?”

“Yes!” I said and pointed to where she was just emerging, nose in the grass, from behind a neighbor’s house.

He leapt out of his truck and ran to her.

Although Tara probably would have made it home on her own — and if not, she is licensed, wears an ID tag and is microchipped — I was glad I stuck around to make sure she got back with her people.

Have you ever helped a neighbor dog get home?

About crystalwayward

I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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  1. Sheila Story

    I woman used to walk past my house with her old partially crippled St. Bernard named Ellie. One day I saw Ellie walking by herself headed toward a very busy street a block away. As she passed I said to her “Ellie, I don’t think you’re supposed to be out here by yourself.” She stopped and looked at me, thought about it for a second and turned back. A neighbor boy followed her to make sure she got home. Living down the block, we also have a small black dog that looks like a pot-bellied pig who occasionally takes himself for walks… I’m truly blessed to live in a community that looks out for one another and their pets.

  2. Yes Neighbors of mine had a Beagle whom I thought was a escape artist and the Beagle would always come to me when I called her and I would bring her back. It was very dangerous for the dog as we live on a country road where although 55 is speed limit because back country road people tend to go much faster. I always wondered how this Beagle got lose so much and then I found out my neighbors father 80 yrs. old didn’t like the Beagles bark and every time his daughter left he would let it out hoping it would not come back. They have moved sense to a nearby town and the daughter and her husband no longer live with the father. The father moved also and I am glad because any respect I had for him disappeared the day he said he let the dog out every chance he got.

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