It’s totally cliche, but my family spent Mother’s Day at a botanical garden.


Stepdad and Mom by some big bunnies.

Flora abounds at Powell Gardens, a green thumb’s paradise located about half an hour east of Kansas City.

All sorts of amazing things grow on 970 acres of land.

The property is divided into several different types of gardens. There’s a perennial garden, a woodland garden, a water garden and even a living wall.


The wall is alive.

We saw plenty of fauna, too.


Which is prettier?


The common Powell Garden snake.

My favorite area of Powell Gardens is the Heartland Harvest Garden.

This garden is designed to demonstrate the variety achievable in a locally grown diet. The Harvest Garden also shows that edible landscaping can be a beautiful thing.

Aerial view from the silo that overlooks the Harvest garden.

Guests are discouraged from picking anything, including the plentiful strawberries, which are served in the Powell Gardens restaurant.

But I did pick up some inspiration while wandering the rows of fruit trees, grape vines, potatoes, lettuces and other edibles.


‘Nuf said.

The deep purples, arresting greens and ruffled leaves of lettuce and cabbage show up in beds throughout Powell Gardens. In the Harvest garden, various types were planted together to create a colorful salad bed.


Lettuce, cabbage and kale, oh my!

Did you know you can grow kiwis in the Midwest? Powell Gardens has several types.


Baby kiwis!

Although I don’t kid myself about ever being able to grow as big, diverse and manicured garden as the Harvest Garden, it was neat to see how the professionals get things growing.

I’d now love to try growing kiwis and add a paw paw tree to our mini orchard.

Also: My whole family and especially my mom had a real nice time.

Thanks, Powell Gardens!

Where do you go for gardenspiration?

About crystalwayward

I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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  1. Cool snake picture! Interesting fact about how far food travels – no wonder it sometimes looks a little tired when it’s on the store shelf.

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