The other Scooby

My neighbor is one of those unusual people who went to the shelter with the intention of bringing home an old dog.

He found Scooby.


Obviously, we’re not talking about my ancient miniature pinscher and star of a post about why people should adopt elderdogs.

Neighbor Scooby is a 9-year-old chow mix (note the purplish splotches on his tongue) with the softest black fur and gray speckles across his kind face.


After being seized from a Kansas City area home where he lived with 12 other dogs, Neighbor Scooby bounced from shelter to shelter. He picked up a microchip and got neutered along the way.

Clearly, the rescue community could see the potential in this good-natured boy. But it took someone special — someone who wouldn’t mind the flecks of gray and the slower pace of a dog in his twilight years — to provide Scooby’s second chance.


A few weeks ago, Scooby’s saving grace arrived in the form of my neighbor Jeff, who had recently lost an elderdog and wanted another mature companion for daily walks on the Trolley Track Trail.

That’s where my pack ran into Jeff and his Scooby, who was delighted at the opportunity to interact with other dogs.

Jeff expressed an interest in socializing Scooby further — getting him over the habit of jumping on people when he meets them and helping him feel less threatened around bigger male dogs.

So, I invited the pair to join the KC Pittie Pack, which is all about improving the social skills of all kinds of dogs at all points in their lives.


KC Pittie Pack at Loose Park

Neighbor Scooby is now one of the newest members of our pack, which was mentioned this week in my favorite local newspaper The Pitch. (Check out Our Waldo Bungie’s coverage of the coverage.)

If you live in Kansas City and would like to join the KC Pittie Pack, just head to our Meetup page for more information about our next walk!


About crystalwayward

I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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  1. Thank you sharing the wonderful story about Scooby. He is such a lovely looking little guy.

  2. We need to clone your neighbor! I wish so many more people would go to shelters and adopt seniors. Thank youf or sharing this story and best wishes to the other Scooby in his new home!

  3. I asked my big brother Alfie if we were anywhere near Kansas but he said you were miles and miles away from England and I’d have to swim part of the way. Thing is I’ve only got little legs so I don’t think I’ll make it any time soon. Wish I could because I’d love to run with this pack. All the best. Love Bones

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