A green hotel that’s dog-friendly

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Looking for a Midwestern getaway with a touch of sophistication? Check out Hotel Frederick in Boonville, Missouri.

No, really.

I was skeptical, too.

My mother, a travel agent, and my stepdad, a frequent business traveler, hooked us up with a free night at the dog-accepting and environmentally conscious boutique hotel.

It was months before Zach and I ever cashed in, but the gift was a motivating factor in our decision to take a dog on the Katy Trail recently.

Boonville is a small town located about an hour and 45 minutes away from Kansas City.

Luke likes Boonville.

Hotel Frederick is located in a historic building in downtown Boonville, right by the river and a small veterans’ memorial park.

You can literally see part of the Katy from the bar deck at the Frederick.

The hotel is furnished with antiques, including a really cool old wooden icebox. Zach was enamored with a vintage Old Crow lamp behind the bar.

That’s an old Old Crow.

Very old photographs of other Boontown landmarks decorate the walls of the lobby. A public reading room/jungle is packed with houseplants that grow out of a bubbling waterfall.

The gift shop — and every room — is stocked with natural body products by Kansas City company Indigo Wild. Providing these non-petroleum based personal care products is one of many ways the Frederick demonstrates concern for the environment. Other examples include tankless water heaters for each room, solar power and recycling.

The Frederick also has an herb garden, watered with the help of a rain barrel, which provides the fresh herbs that go in delicious, fancy drinks made at the bar.

Guests can bring a dog to the Frederick for a $25 fee.

This isn’t really peak season for Missouri tourism, so the Frederick wasn’t extremely busy when we stayed. This suited Luke just fine, as the hotel staff and other bar patrons doted on him excessively.

Our appreciation for the Frederick only grew when we rolled into Rocheport, Missouri. About 12 miles away via the Katy Trail, Rocheport is an antique and wine town crawling with bed and breakfasts.

Dog leash hitches adorn the storefronts on the tiny downtown strip, but when we started calling up places to stay, they all said: NO DOGS ALLOWED.

We began to freak out a little bit due to the fact that Luke was too tired to hoof it all the way back to Boonville, and we hadn’t packed gear for a night under the stars. (Making room accomodations in advance was one of this trip’s lessons about biking with a dog.)

Luckily, the owner of the Girl’s Nite Inn, a Rocheport bed-and-breakfast that usually caters to groups of women, took pity on Luke and bent her rule for one night. Her kindness definitely had to do with the fact that she has a middle-aged rescue dachshund named Ginger.

Girl’s Nite Inn is decorated with a woman’s touch, stocked with chick flicks.

Luke and Zach got to be my “girlfriends” for a night.

There is also a nice firepit we would have gotten smokin’ if we hadn’t been exhausted from our big day of biking.

We will be forever grateful to the owner of Girl’s Nite Inn for letting us stay, but we felt a little bad for putting her out. No reservations and four-legged contraband? Really, could we be more tacky?

Maybe we should have just forgone the biking and lounged all weekend at the Frederick.

You can learn more about Hotel Frederick by visiting its website or Facebook fan page.


About crystalwayward

I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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  1. Thanks to this post, my husband and I are thinking about a trip to the Frederick later this month. Were you able to find restauruants with dog-friendly outdoor areas? Any recommendations?

  2. Deb Krajicek

    I’m Crystal’s Mom and a travel agent. Warm Springs Ranch (Home of the world famous Budweiser Clydesdales) is in Booneville and their tour is wonderful. Also theres a great peach orchard near the farm. We explored the Village of “Arrow Rock” great little historic town and had lunch in Black Water. The restaurant at the hotel is wonderful.

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