Giveaway: Leather collar from Euro Dog Designs

Yesterday, I promised to tell you more about Euro Dog Designs, the company that sold me Luke’s new collar.

Well, here’s the woman and the dobermen behind the brand:

Easter, Katja and Bailey.

Katja’s business is based in Lawrence, Kansas, but she originally hails from Denmark (“a tiny little country in northern Europe”) and all of the products she sells are imported from Europe.

She’s a leather snob becuase she’s also into horses.

The reason I started the company was due to the fact that it is near impossible to find really good quality leather collars in the U.S. As a rider I know and appreciate good leather and expect nothing less for my dogs than for my horses. I had seen the bling collars at ‘Crufts’ in England, which is the biggest dog show in all of Europe.

The “bling” Katja refers to is Swarovski crystal or chrome accents on fine British bridle leather that gets softer with use. According to Katja, these handmade collars will “last a lifetime and still look beautiful.”

Tapered leather Sighthound collar with Swarovski crystals.

Handmade leather dog collar with lace and conchos.

The bling-y and durable bridle leather collars can costs hundreds of dollars.

Katja also carries lower-priced leather options, such as the Italian leather Hurtta brand collar I bought for Luke.

The Hurtta leather is made in Italy from very soft leather. These collars are priced at a more reasonable level and are therefore accessible for most people. The quality is still great and they make for fantastic everyday collars and leashes.

Hurtta, a Finnish company, also makes long-lasting, attractive coats for dogs.

The Hurtta wear is superior in the fact that they fit so well, and fit most any breed and shape of dog. They are made from durable materials that will last season after season even with very active and rough dogs. This is not clothing for froo-froo dogs but rather for active dogs that exercise in all types of weather.

Katja’s pedigreed, agility-trained dobermen sisters Easter and Bailey sport Hurtta wear regularly.

Easter has turned out to be an amazing model for all my products and gets rather excited when I tell her it’s time to take pictures. Her show training as a pup has really paid off. Bailey is an overachiever. She will do anything for a treat, frisbee, or ball and loves agility and anything else I can think of doing with her. She has a leg injury that we are having a tough time getting rid of, so no agility for her at the moment. She is my snuggle bug and my heart dog.

Before the girl dobermen, Katja and her husband also had a Luke dog. Their golden retriever, Fanny, passed away of Lymphoma around age 10. They had gotten 8-week-old Bailey and ended up taking her sister Easter following the loss of Fanny.

Katja clearly maintains her soft spot for golden retrievers, and that helped her advise me in picking out Luke’s collar at the Great KC Pet Expo.

Now, your dog has a chance to wear a collar like Luke’s (retail value $39) — or a martingale style rolled leather Hurtta (retail value $49). Euro Dog Designs will give one lucky Wayward Dogs commenter your choice of the two styles.

Which will it be?

Classic buckle style.


Rolled leather martingale.

Wondering how to get your dog in one of these handsome and durable collars? Just follow these two easy steps:

  1. Head over to and scope the inventory.
  2. Then, come back here and leave a comment starting with the words LEATHER LOVE about the most exciting product you saw on the site. (You can comment about anything — Katja sells clothes for people, too.)

 Entries will be accepted through midnight CST on Wednesday, April 25. A single winner will be determined via and announced here on Thursday, April 26. One entry per e-mail address. Prize ships anywhere in the U.S.

UPDATE: Congratulations to commenter Jan S.! You are the randomly selected winner of this giveaway!

This contest is now closed.


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I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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  1. LEATHER LOVE! I love the quality dog collars!

  2. Very cool giveaway! We love the leash we got at the KC Pet Expo from EuroDog Designs!

  3. LEATHER LOVE! My favorite has always been the rolled leather…my Boxers love them, too!!

  4. LEATHER LOVE I love all of the dog collars!!

  5. LEATHER LOVE , i browsed your website and i love the Hurtta Life Jacket it would make me a lot less at ease when my red heeler falls in the water haha. A funky colour with a stylish desighn is what makes me love it too 🙂 But i do love your classic leather collar too 🙂 great products 🙂

  6. LOVE LEATHER! — my favorite collar is the “Handmade dog collar with lace and conchos”… that would have looked mighty fine on Knox! I also love the Hurtta winter dog coat. 🙂


    City dog:
    Canis Lupus Metropolitan
    Pulling the leash
    nose down
    checking her messages
    at the hydrant ’round the way.
    Bred for backwoods
    Raised on the streets —
    wouldn’t know what to do with a squirrel
    if she caught it
    Hope’s springin’
    and jumpin’
    and pullin’ that leash
    like you ain’t even at the other end —
    Trees a city squirrel
    good as any Hicksville
    Boss Hogg
    Barney Fife
    hound dog.
    Got her masters in SMELL
    and TRACK
    and SNATCH,
    crunching down a chicken bone
    before you
    even knew
    she copped it.
    Frontin’ like y’all?
    With your headphones up?
    Shades on?
    Duckin’ eyes?
    Sorry, we’re closed?
    Nah, G.
    She’s all S’UP, DOGG?
    Wagging so hard
    her whole butt shakes:
    Every sorry
    Savings-and-Loan-cheating Charles Keating
    is as good as eight rows of Swarovski bling
    set in leather:
    She don’t discriminate,
    even you can be
    her new best friend.
    B for Beagle
    B for Blossom
    Tri-color B —
    Be keeping it tight
    in New York City
    Walking pretty
    Chair of the swagged-out subcommittee
    Crispy as a brand new fifty.

  8. !Leather Love!
    Even though I have a girl labrador, she would rock your Tapered leather Sighthound collar with random Swarovski crystals in Brown with blue crystals! or your Brown Tiger Collar Who says blue and brown has to be for boys!!

  9. Leather Love!! I really think Cooper needs the Leather dog collar with Rivets. He starts his new job this week as a nightclub bouncer and his rough and tough appearance could really benefit.

  10. Leather Love – Hound collar with lace and chrome for Lulu

  11. Leather Love! I think the 4 row large Swarovski crystal dog collar is absolutely Stunning!

  12. Leather Love – the leather training leash is the best – having so many rings to adjust the length & function makes this such a practical item.

  13. Leather Love – hmmm I thought I posted a comment already. I love the winter coats!

  14. Leather Love – you don’t know what true leather love is until you’ve tried one of these high quality leather collars on your deserving companion. Pure comfort, class and craftsmanship.

  15. Leather Love! One of my pups just got a yucky rashy thing from the collar we’d recently bought for her; needless to say, she needs a new one! She’d do right by the 1″ handmade leather dog collar with Single row Swarovski crystals. 😉

  16. Leather Love~ Hands down a leather leash. Wouldn’t have it any other way. Other leashes just can’t take a beating( esp from a Big Dog). Got one for Dulcie when she was a pup, she still has it and my Dad tries to steal it! 🙂

  17. Dog collars should be made from natural leather because it is more comfortable to wear for a dog compared to synthetic fibers. *;'”.

    Yours truly

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