Why buy a leather collar?

A leather collar is the classic canine accessory.

A quality leather collar looks good, lasts a long time and doesn’t show the dirt that an active dog is bound to get into.

It was high time Luke got a leather collar.

The smile of a guy with a new accessory.

After crowing for a long time to Zach that his rugged, no-nonsense dog needed a collar more suited to his personality, I threw down approximately $40 for one at the Great KC Pet Expo.

It’s a simple buckle style made of Italian leather by a brand called Hurtta.

Timeless Hurtta fashion.

Honestly, I loathe spending money on canine fashion as much as I hate investing in my own wardrobe.

But considerig a collar is the only thing most dogs wear every day, it ought to be a good one.

I’m satisfied with my purchase for Luke. He seems proud of it, too.

Profile shot.

Let's see it from the back!

Most importantly, the man who usually poo-poos all of my pet product purchases agrees.

Here’s Zach’s review of the Hurtta collar:

I am not one to coo over “product.” Planned obsolescence does usually trump craftsmanship in the marketplace, so why bother? I think this is especially true in the pet merchandising industry as most items we purchase for our dogs end up being absolute junk.

You can imagine my skepticism as I received orders that my dog would be wearing a new leather collar from Italy.

Well,  I’ve inspected the spaghetti out of this collar and everything from the leather’s finish to overall construction and stitching do color me impressed. I am a sucker for the artisanal, so it’s great to hang something on Luke’s head that is well made and isn’t a total fashion faux-paw.

What’s the most you’ve ever paid for a dog collar? Do you prefer leather or fabric?

If you like Luke’s collar, check out the selection at Euro Dog Designs, the Lawrence, Kansas-based company that sold it to me. Come back tomorrow to learn more about the business and find out how you can win a beautiful leather Hurtta collar for your dog!


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I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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  1. Now you just need to convince Zach that a matching leather leash is in order…. 😉

    Luke is looking good!

  2. Luke looks marvelous. I had a leather collar (red round one) for 18 years on my cocker. Squash had a flat fabric collar for all his life. The girls, Lulu and Sofie, have cheap nylon collars with their names and numbers on them most of the time, and then fancy fabric collars that they get as Xmas presents from Grammie. – DogDaz

  3. “What’s the most you’ve ever paid for a dog collar? Do you prefer leather or fabric?” I love leather collars, the look the feel the longevity. I use Fabric martingales at home because with tags they are very quiet, but out and about and at the dog park and river my dogs wear leather. The most expensive collar I have was 150, but it is two layers with a name bit and has a handle on it for flyball, I have a few collars that run about 100 after it. I dont mind paying for quality. I dont spend money on much but I enjoy designing and buying collars.

  4. Very nice looking a href=””>leather dog collar! I think a matching leash is needed to complete the ensemble! Great post!

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