Guest Blog: ‘A clearance mutt’

Today’s post comes from Stacy Ideus, my oldest friend in the world, who is also a fantastic photographer. She adopted her first shelter dog 11 years ago. This is his story.

 in 2001, I was in my sophomore year of college, engaged to a banker and co-habitating in a 1970’s ranch house. needless to say, i was crazy for domestication—planning a wedding, decorating the house, etc…   so what a glorious addition a pet would be!

never having a dog before (I was always a total ‘cat person’ growing up), I didn’t understand all the training, maintenance, and messes that come with the territory. my fiancé sure did, however. we just had new carpet installed, and he wasn’t so sure that a puppy would respect it. haha. this was just after Thanksgiving. Christmas lists were made. a Puppy became the only thing written on mine.

i have an aunt that is very persuasive and is notorious for making fanciful decisions on a whim. she casually mentioned one saturday that there was a new litter of puppies at the shelter. we were there in .2 seconds.

turns out, six little 2 lb pups were dropped off early in the morning and left on the doorstep of the shelter in a box. they smelled like skunk and it was impossible to decipher who their parents were. some were curly with black hair, one was white. one had a pug tail. falling in love with a calm, white female with 2 black checker spots on her back I cried to my fiancé that they’d be put down if not adopted. again, with the carpet. his answer was firmly, ‘no.’

that weekend we put up our first christmas tree. beneath it a few days later was a gift, which i was allowed to open a bit early.  i was excitingly expecting a few holes in the box in hopes there was a live creature inside. but…. it was a hand-held carpet cleaner. What? I don’t get it. ‘it was on sale. thought we would need one,’ says the fiancé. ‘let’s go pick out our puppy.’ (yesssssssssss)

 out of 6 puppies, only 1 was left. they brought out the remaining clearance puppy, this tiny, hyperactive all black male with a smooth coat. after about 3 seconds of ‘this puppy is crazy and will destroy the house’ common sense banter, he came home with us. we named him Toby.

 fast forward 11 years and you will see our perfect 23 pound Toby in nearly every memory we have at home. Sure, he may snore, growl at little kids, and bark at every dog on the TV (even cartoon ones), but he’s been the best damn dog anyone could ever ask for and more. plush squeaker toys are his favorite, as is his leopard dog bed in my office. once he farted in his sleep and woke up and started barking because he thought his fart was a knock at the door.

 we love our little clearance mutt. he’ll always be known as our ‘first born.’

To see more adorable photos of kids, dogs and beautiful people, check out Stacy’s photography blog.


About crystalwayward

I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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