Two Bikes and a Dog on the Katy Trail

The Wayward House exists along the Trolley Track Trail, a former trolley line transformed into a popular walking and hiking trail in Kansas City. The Trolley Track Trail stretches across 4.5 miles of urban landscape, passing through business districts, residential neighborhoods, woods and creeks.

The Trolley Track Trail is kid stuff compared to another repurposed rail line in Missouri.

Recently, Zach and I loaded up our bicycles and Luke, the most athletic canine member of our pack, and drove just under two hours away to Boonville, Missouri, where we picked up the Katy Trail.

Popular among cyclists, runners and nature lovers, the Katy Trail is part of Missouri’s State Park System.

Built on a former route of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas railroad that ceased operation in 1986, the Katy spans approximately 240 miles and passes through small towns, farmland and a diverse array wildlife habitat.

We rode only a tiny portion of the trail – approximately 24 roundtrip miles between the towns of Boonville and Rocheport, Missouri.

But our escape — from the city, jobs, housework and most of our pets — was sublime.

On the Katy, we saw turtles, frogs, toads, geese, ducks and other birds I couldn’t venture to name. We saw neon green comfrey plants, free growing garlic and wild blooms of purple, blue, pink and white.

We saw bathouses, snakes and snakeskins, a sun-bleached rodent skull in the middle of the road and little bone piles in stone caves.

It was wild.

And Luke? He had the time – and workout – of his life.

Come back tomorrow to find out some what this trip taught us about bike trips and dogs.

Do you have a favorite bike trail in your city or state?

About crystalwayward

I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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