A special announcement from the Wayward House

German Shepherd puppies


Although baby anythings are not in Zach’s and my envisioned future anytime soon, these baby German Shepherds are real. And they do share a family connection with us.

Jag and Prowler are the newest additions to the farm from whence we occasionally receive elk and bison meat.

This means Jag and Prowler are now part of my father’s circle of animal friends, along with Rambo the elk and Boss the bison bull.

My pop has been charged with teaching these pups such things as not killing the swans that also live on the property and giving the evil eye to unwanted visitors.

Training dogs is something my father has engaged in to varying degrees over the years. Before I was born, he had doberman pinschers who accompanied him when he worked as a night security guard. 

As a police officer, Dad helped the local force train its first K9 cop. To my disappointment, Quentin the German Shepherd with a badge was not assigned to be my father’s live-in cop partner, but he did occasionally visit to practice “attacking criminals” (aka my dad wearing protective gear) in our front yard.

Dad also helped me teach our family pets basic obedience and leash manners so that they wouldn’t embarrass me too much at the Nebraska State Fair.

Although he was my 4-H project, I would classify one of those State Fair dogs as my dad’s once in a lifetime dog.

It’s been about seven years since my dad’s running partner/burglar deterrent passed away. Since then the old man has steadfastly refused to get another dog (even when I find totally awesome wayward dogs that would be perfect for him).

While he still isn’t going to be an official dog owner, as a regular caretaker for the farm pups, Dad has agreed to become emotionally involved with them. He even got to name one — Prowler.

The original Prowler was a regal rottweiler who was every bit as gentle — but not nearly as brave — as the dog nanny in Alexandra Day’s series of Good Dog, Carl children’s books. (A collection of which I maintain yet today.)

You have big paw prints to fill, Baby Prowler. Make us proud.

Blogger’s note: My other 4-H dog Tyson the miniature schnauzer inspired my oldest friend Stacy to call one of her current dogs Tyson.

Have you ever recycled a pet’s name?


About crystalwayward

I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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