Bolivar: An adoptable dog with an adorable underbite

Yesterday introduced readers to Amanda Denning Holt, an animal advocate in Kansas City with a soft spot for harder-to-adopt dogs. Today’s post continues with Amanda’s own words about Bolivar, a boxer mix for whom she’s determined to help find a forever home.

I met Bolivar in late December, shortly after he arrived at the KCMO shelter (now KC Pet Project).

Some people may think he not a very “pretty” dog — he has a rather cute underbite — but my husband and I both find him to be handsome and beyond loving.

During his time at the shelter, he was housed in a dark cage on the bottom row, which means he was more or less invisible to potential adopters. Plus, he did not present himself in a very positive light in the shelter environment. The stress of living 24/7 in a tiny cage with no attention really took a toll on him. He developed barrier aggression, which became another strike against him and made him less appealing to adopters.

His leash manners were so poor, many other volunteers refused to even try to take him outside on a leash. Still, this sweet boy found my soft spot. There is something very special about him.

My heart could not stand seeing him digress in the shelter environment. And it hurt to know that not one person seemed to show any interest in him. I took him outside every time I went to the shelter in December and January. I really fell in love with this guy.

He is the loving canine companion that anybody would want. And he undoubtedly will shower his future family with bounds of love and loyalty.

He has improved tremendously since he’s been out of the shelter and living at the much more peaceful Unleashed Rescue  pet adoption center, where another woman comes to walk him every day. She has been working on his manners. He now walks on a leash much better and knows how to sit.

His barrier aggression has disappeared, his leash manners have improved immensely, and he’s calmed down. It’s as if he knows he’s in a better place now.

His walking buddy ordered a DNA test for him, so in about three weeks we’ll know for sure what breed he is. (Boxer mix?)

Whatever Bolivar’s breed, he is a great dog — a high energy guy who would be great for a runner. He gives good snaggletooth kisses. But he still needs and deserves a loving forever home.

Wondering if Bolivar could be the dog for you? Go meet him at Unleashed’s adoption center, located at 5918 Broadmoor in Mission, Kansas. You can also check out Bolivar’s Petfinder profile. He is also now featured on the Wayward Dogs Adoptable page.


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I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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  1. We love ugly dogs! Wish I could take him to play with Boo!!

  2. Hi! I’m a friend of Rebecca’s and she directed me to your blog to read about Bomb Diggity – can’t wait for tomorrow’s post about Officer Kibbles! Looking forward to reading more of your blog. And as for Bolivar – I’d put money on the fact that he is a pug/boxer mix. 🙂 The face, the curled tail. I’m a volunteer & foster for SouthEast Pug Rescue & Adoption (SEPRA) here in St. Louis and have two pugs of my own. I also know someone who has a pug/boxer mix (brindle) and he looks JUST like Bolivar! I could send you a pic! I think Bolivar is adorable!!

    • I’m so glad you stopped by the blog! You should totally send a photo of Bolivar — I think Amanda would get a kick out of that. Glad to hear you are a volunteer with the pups, too. Let me know if you run across any amazing stories that could be featured on this blog. Thanks for reading!

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