Fight for the right to let dogs to run

Magnet Lady Kathleen Henn and her beloved pointer mix Miles have a bone to pick with the Kansas City Animal Control officers who seem to be targetting their favorite park.

Every day, Miles and Kathleen meet up with other dogs and people from their neighborhood at nearby Westwood Park. The opportunity to get out in the fresh air and interact with each other is great for the dogs and the people. Kathleen says:

The dogs that frequent the park are all ‘best buddies.’  Were it not for these dog get-togethers, I never would have had an opportunity to meet the neighbors I now know by name.  While we supervise our dogs, we also talk and exchange news about our neighborhood.

Here’s a video of what playtime at Westwood Park looks like:

Unfortunately, because the park does not have an official off-leash area for dogs, Kathleen says Animal Control has recently begun cracking down by issuing tickets to those who let their dogs run free. She worries this will cause dog owners to avoid the park and lead to less happy dogs and less connected humans.

She’s turning her anger into action.

Kathleen started a protest group, KC Dogs United, and penned an open letter to Kansas City’s mayor and city council in which she proposes that instead of issuing fines the city simply designate part of the park as an official off-leash dog area.

And she doesn’t stop with her part of town. Kathleen says:

In fact, every neighborhood in Kansas City should have a place where neighbors can truly become a part of their community, forming a real social network where they interact with each other while experiencing the joy of watching their dogs play together.

You can read Kathleen’s entire letter and her ideas about how to fund a system of neighborhood dog parks at the KC Dogs United page on Facebook.

If you support her position, give it a “Like.”

Contact Kathleen at if you live in Kansas City, Missouri, and would like your signature added to her letter to the local goverment. Her goal is to gather 100 signatures as soon as possible.

You can also support Kathleen through buying one of her clever, customized magnets. E-mail her for more information.


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I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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