His latest obsession: preserving meat

A school of smoked salmon.

Although he hasn’t eaten much meat for the past 15 years, my enterprising boyfriend is really good at preparing it. And lately, he’s been preoccupied with figuring out how to preserve it. You know, just in case we ever jump full-bore onto the meatwagon again and want to be sure we’re stocked with a good supply of animal protein.

The recent meat prep experimentation began with some organic farmed salmon I procured from McGonigle’s, a very nice local meat market.

Master Lox: Organic salmon, salt-cured, hickory-smoked at 85 degrees for 8 hours.

Meanwhile, Zach also seasoned and strung up several pounds of bison, acquired for us by my father who is “friends” with a bison bull named Boss and an elk named Rambo.  (Sadly, before it was even prepared, some of the bison was stolen by Luke the mischievous dog.)

Bison Pastrami: Aged three weeks, with white cheddar and homemade Bavarian kraut.

Zach also prepared elk in a salt brine with fennel seed, which he added to a stew recipe inspired by a scene from Alone in the Wilderness, a documentary about naturalist Dick Proennecke, who lived by himself in Alaska for decades.

Elk Stew a la Dick Proenneke: Giant chunks of potatoes, portabella mushrooms, homegrown carrots, fennel-brined elk, various peppers and "everything but the kitchen sponge.

I don’t know if this meat-eating thing will become regular around the Wayward House. Most of our supply has now been prepared and consumed or shared with loved ones. (Luke included.)

All I can say right now is “yum.”

And thanks to my boyfriend for being an excellent cook.


About crystalwayward

I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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  1. Impressive! Does Zach give lessons? 🙂 And you remind me, I’ve always wanted to go to McGonigle’s. I’ve never been there but heard it’s a great place to procure high-quality food items, especially meat.

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