Wayward living tip: DIY citrus-scented household cleaner

We do as much household cleaning as possible using vinegar. The strong scent doesn’t bother me and dissipates quickly. However Frugally Sustainable‘s recent post about using leftover orange peels inspired me.

As it’s cold season, we’ve had a lot of leftover orange peels lately. (Gotta bump up that Vitamin C!) So, I put a bunch in a jar, covered them with white vinegar and let it all steep.
The vinegar smelled sweet and orange-y after just a couple of days, so Zach strained out the peels and pulp using a fine mesh tea strainer. (We’ve learned to not clog up sprayers following a botched attempt at DIY cayenne pepper spray last year.)

Voila! DIY citrus scented household cleaner! It’s not sticky, and it smells nice when you’re wiping down countertops and other surfaces.

We have another batch brewing already. Although we got impatient the first time around, the recipe actually calls for several weeks of steeping, which should result in a stronger, longer-lasting citrus scent.

What’s your best DIY cleaning tip?


About crystalwayward

I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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  1. Oooooh….I might have to try that! Is it considered anti-bacterial? I usually just use Method or Seventh Generation, but I’d be totally interested in trying a homemade cleaner.

  2. wow what a great idea and readily available in the house. I’ll give it a try. mom

  3. Emily, in addition to being eco-friendly, vinegar kills bacteria and mold, which makes it, in my mind, basically a miracle substance. We try to limit our use of products marketed as “antibacterial” because a lot of research suggests they may do more harm than good. (Here’s an interesting read on the topic:

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