Marketing lessons from Machete: The walking dog billboard

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I frequently use it as a vehicle to market Charlie Machete, the stray dog we took in last July with the intent of finding him a forever home.

That’s not the only method we use to get the word out about our handsome, snuggly and energetic young black lab/pit bull mix foster dog. For the next few weeks, I will highlight one of our foster dog marketing tactics each Friday.

Let’s start with making your foster dog a walking billboard.

Although we are fostering Machete independently, one of my favorite local organizations, Friends of KC Animals, stepped up to help us right after he showed up. In addition to paying for his neuter, microchip and vaccines, the group also provided us with a wonderful marketing tool: the Adopt Me vest.

The lightweight mesh vest is road worker orange and yellow. It really stands out against Machete’s pure black coat and draws smiles and questions from people we encounter almost every time he wears it. (One time, the vest even attracted a woman who said she wanted to adopt Machete. Unfortunately, she later backed out due to having an unfenced yard.)

Truth be told, Machete finds the vest a little itchy, but we make him wear it, anyway, almost every time we go for walks around the neighborhood, when he rides along with us on errands and when rescue groups invite him to participate in adoption events.

If you have a foster dog, I highly recommend outfitting him or her in an eye-catchng Adopt Me vest. Lots of options are available. I really like the posh one sold by Houndgear.

If you would like to see Machete wearing his Adopt Me vest, join us on a weekly outing with KC Pittie Pack and Friends. You can RSVP for this weekend’s walk near Country Club Plaza through


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I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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  1. We love the Houndgear “Adopt Me” vests! They are the best!

  2. Fostering animals has got to be even harder because someday you know you’ll have to let them go. Bravo for you! If you know anyone who sews, I designed an ADOPT ME vest pattern that I sew and donate to the Hawaiian Humane Society. It’s field tested, dog approved, easy and affordable to sew and totally comfortable for the dogs. It gets the message across and the pattern also has instructions for clear vinyl donation pockets for when the shelter or rescue society has events. I just wanted to thank you for taking in these beautiful fosters. Here is a link with info about my ADOPT ME vest pattern on Etsy, modeled by our lovely, rescued member of the family, Lana. The fabric is a green aloha print which goes great with the society’s logo here, but these vests can be easily customized to match whichever shelter or rescue society they belong to. 🙂

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