A tale of two bassets

A few weeks ago, my photographer friend Stacy asked her Facebook fans to submit their best rescue dogs stories for a chance to win a prize. Abigail Nelson‘s tale of two basset hounds really caught my attention, so I asked Abigail to share it, in her own words and photos, on my blog.

Abigail and her husband Brandon own two rescued basset hounds. Little girl Layla came from some friends who had to give her up.

We lived in a rental that didn’t allow pets. Even though we wanted her, we couldn’t take her into a home knowing if our landlord found out he would boot us out. Then, she would have been homeless right along with us! The months passed and they kept telling us they couldn’t find anyone and if they couldn’t find someone soon, they would have to take her to the Humane Society. Brandon and I talked about it and we couldn’t stand the thought of her going from living in a home to living in a kennel, waiting to be adopted. We talked about it a decided we were going to take her and move.

The Nelsons didn’t just move to a different house. They moved to a different town in Nebraska. Abigail says that period in 2010 was busy and crazy, but so worth it.

We fell in love with Layla right away. She went from sleeping in a kennel in the basement alone at night to sleeping next to or in our bed. She went with us everywhere. We decided that if we were going to have a dog, she was going to live just as comfortably as we did. It was win/win. She made us better people. We went from being couch potatoes to walking miles every day. Funny how it took us being more concerned about her health (than ours) to get us off our bums. She literally goes everywhere with us. People say she is like our baby, and she is.

One day, while visiting a dog park in Omaha, the Nelsons spotted another basset.

But the basset then known as “Gordan” wasn’t there with his owner. He was in the care of a woman who had volunteered to help the formerly wayward dog get into Basset and Beagle Rescue of the Heartland.

She told us he was found by the railroad tracks in Ord, Nebraska. They put him in a wire kennel waiting for someone to claim him and no one did. They didn’t really have any sort of humane society or pound, so if someone didn’t take him they were going to put him down. Her brother took him and had her come get him. She couldn’t keep him because she had a Boston Terrier with special needs, so she found this rescue group.

The rescue representative soon arrived to claim the dog, and the Nelsons told her right away they wanted to adopt him. She interviewed them on the spot and directed them to an online application.

They did their homework and made sure we would be loving and caring pet parents. I will never forget when we finally found out we were approved. I took Layla with me and we met at Petsmart. I filled out the final paperwork, bought ‘Lynard‘ a new name tag, collar, leash and all the other necessities and headed home. He knew his new name within a few hours, and he was stuck at my hip from the second I took hold of his leash.

This match turned out just right, with Layla loving Lynard as much as her people do — even on the naughty days.

It is safe to say he is mine and Layla is my husband’s. Lynard and Layla play, pounce, wrestle all day, and sometimes I can’t even get them to sleep in their own beds, they sleep together all cuddled up in one bed. With their low slung bodies, droopy eyes and long ears … they make it easy to love them. I never can stay mad at them, even after Lynard has chewed up yet another valuable! He just gives me those eyes and wags his tail, and I melt. They consume my life and I can’t imagine life without them. It is such a blessing knowing we saved them from an uncertain fate. Rescue a pet. It not only changes their life, it changes yours!

If you have a great rescue story — especially one that involves a wayward dog — that you would like to see published on this blog, please send it to for consideration.


About crystalwayward

I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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  1. My eyes got all watery reading “Rescue a pet. It not only changes their life, it changes yours!”. We adopted our Stella almost three years ago….we rescued her and she rescued us right back!

  2. My son and daughter were the ones who “rescued” Lynard initially from Ord and it warms my heart so to see that he has such a loving home. God Bless You!

  3. Abigail M. Nelson

    Cindy – I am so thankful for Emily and your son. If not for them Lynard wouldn’t be apart of our family. The turned out beautifully! Thanks Crystal!

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