Pug dogtography by Stacy Ideus

Stacy Ideus: photographer, blogger, and hottie from Nebraska.

Yesterday, I shared the news that Wayward Dogs had received the Versatile Blogger Award and passed it on to several more fantastic blogs including that of my oldest friend and fantastic photographer Stacy Ideus.

Typically, for fun and her business, Stacy photographs a lot of people, kids and babies. But she has a soft spot for doggies — one of hers happens to be named after my childhood pet Tyson — so she responded with glee when I asked if she’d be willing to share occasional dog portraits with Wayward Dogs.

100 percent of the following content was provided by Stacy Ideus, my first guest blogger.

Addy the Pug, courtesy Stacy Ideus Photography.


make: pug

model: black

age: 3 yrs

Addy was rescued from a backyard breeder puppy mill by Pug Partners of Nebraska. She was first sent to foster care to a loving home. Megan was her foster mom. And everyone who was in the market for a pug puppy was suddenly Megan’s new bff. I guess rescued puppies are pretty rare in Omaha, so needless to say, emails and phone calls came flooding in.

Meanwhile, in Wahoo, NE, there lived a lady named Sheila. She had desired a puppy for several years.. begging, pleading, bribing, negotiating her new husband. One magical day…a Thursday, as she recalls… Pug Partners posted a photo of a little black pug puppy. Adorable, perfect and surprisingly healthy. Sheila began sending messages to the rescue group telling them how perfect she was for this particular puppy. Then they grew to full fledged essays. She pleaded her case to Megan. Then pleaded her case to her husband. Finally Sheila won.

What happened next is pretty facinating. Turns out Sheila was chosen as the new owner of Addy solely based on the fact that the two women shared a birthday.

The home inspection=passed.

Entire puppy section at PetCo= purchased.

Megan and Sheila have been close friends ever since.

And Addy has become an energetic and special member of the Dukolil family. They are so grateful to have her in their home… where she belongs.

Sheila blogs about cooking, Addy and family life at Sheila in the Kitchen

To see what inspires Stacy, head to


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I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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  1. thanks, Crys!! pugs are noisy little burrowers. They snort, snoor, fart, and yip. But they are among the best cuddlers around….if you can tolerate their shedding.

  2. And farting… If you can tolerate their farting… 🙂

    They’re weird little things. But we love them!

    Thanks for the beautiful post about Addy May!

  3. Love this pic…amazing work, Stacy & great story!!

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