Versatile Blogger Award

Big thanks to one of my favorite blogs – For the Love of My Dogs – for recognizing this site with a second award, the Versatile Blogger Award. 

For the Love of My Dogs blogger Deanna is a kind soul with a fun crew of rescue animals, and she fills her blog with interesting and useful content — like recipes for awesome-sounding homemade doggy treats and very thorough reviews of pet products.

One day I will get around to making some treats for my pups from scratch…

The rules for the Versatile Blogger Award are simple:

  • Thank the award giver and link back in your post.
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • Pass the award along to up to other 15 bloggers you enjoy, and let them know about the award.

7 things about me

  1. My love for dogs goes way back to childhood when I used to show my miniature schnauzer Tyson and my rottweiler Prowler in 4-H.
  2. Although I often chart successes from our planting projects, my thumb isn’t that green. It’s more yellowish and sickly — like the curling leaves of my money tree, which I think is dying. (And I fear the metaphor of a dying money tree.)
  3. My favorite animals after dogs are whales. I have seen them in real life four times — twice around Maui, Hawaii, once near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and once off the coast of Argentina.
  4. I have four tattoos.
  5. I was born in Nebraska and attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, but I don’t like football at all. If you know anything about Cornhusker fandom, you will understand why this is noteworthy.
  6. Right now, I am reading the book Endgame by Derrick Jensen.
  7. Next month, I will turn 30! (And my dad will turn 70!)

In addition to For the Love of My Dogs, I urge you all to check out these lovely blogs:

Peaceful Dog. On its face, this blog is about fostering, rescuing and training dogs. But the extremely well-written posts also touch on environmental issues, spirituality and vegan/vegetarian food.

Dogs or Dollars. I felt a similar sense of instant connection when I stumbled on this blog about a couple with a pack of dogs, an ambitious gardening project and a desire to find meaning, if not material wealth.

I Say Things So You Don’t Have To. Another Kansas City dog lady writes about her experiences as a shelter volunteer and all-around advocate for dogs. Recently, she went to great lengths to help a man she met through Craigslist find employment and housing so that he wouldn’t have to give up his beloved dog.

Chainofhope’s Blog. Both inspiring and heartbreaking, this is the official blog of one of my favorite animal advocacy groups in Kansas City. The site features photos and stories gathered in the field by people dedicated to helping urban dogs who live on chains by providing food, medical attention and, in the case of owner surrender, new sanctuary.

Krista and Jess. Here is a blog by another one of those households with which I both identify and envy. Krista and Jess are big DIYers and foodies who are also into urban homesteading.

Root Simple. A reliable dose of practical gardening advice and how-to tips for urban homesteaders.

Stray Dogs Worldwide. I can’t always read all the text of this international blog, but I certainly identify with the motivation: helping “dogs with no rights.” This site can get a little intense, but I’m impressed when I read about international rescues.

Stacy Ideus Photography. Stacy is a professional photographer with a fantastic style. She’s also a dog lover and my oldest friend. Her blog is a great place to peep some of her recent work, as well as get a taste for some of the people, objects and animals that inspire her. Check out her site today and get ready to see some guest content from her on Wayward Dogs tomorrow!

Happy reading, everyone!

For links to other blogs I enjoy, see my nominations for the Liebster Award.


About crystalwayward

I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the shout-out! I’ve been terrible about following up on awards but I do appreciate the recognition. This is a great list you’ve got, with lots of new sites for me to visit–I will definitely be doing so. Thanks again for the award and for all your work for wayward pups:)

  2. Congrats on your award– we love your blog and feel you are so deserving of this award!! We loved the 7 things about you– especially #1 (duh, Schnuazers 🙂 )

    We look forward to checking out the blogs you nominated 🙂

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