Roll that beautiful bean footage

Remember this awesome commercial from the 1990s?

Our golden retriever Luke is a dead ringer for the dog in the Bush’s Baked Beans commercials. He’s handsome, loyal and confident. We are sure if he could speak, it would be in a deep, commanding voice (in keeping with his “I mean business” bark).

Luke also hides a mischievous streak beneath his regal appearance.

Leave a loaf of Farm to Market Bread a little too close to the counter’s edge, and he’ll casually remove it, as soon as the house clears of people. Luke helps us remember to throw toilet paper tubes into the recycling bin by plucking them out of open trash cans and trotting around the house and shoving them in your face before shredding them. Recently, he also retrieved a huge slab of Shatto butter from the refrigerator (still not sure how that happened) and learned to pop the latch on our pack’s airtight container of Evo turkey and chicken kibble when he feels like a snack.

However, it’s impossible to stay mad at a face like this:

Luke’s history of mischief goes back to his days in foster care. Zach found Luke about two-and-a-half years ago, running wayward through Kansas City, having busted out of his foster mom’s home. Fortunately for Luke, he ran into the right guy. It was a bro-mance at first sight.

Fortunately for us, Luke is truly more sweet and devoted than he is naughty. He is gentle, obedient, affectionate and just protective enough. (He once helped deter an intruder from a neighbor’s house.) In the beginning, Luke was not a big fan of Charlie Machete, but he has even come around to being a pretty tolerant foster brother.

In honor of our golden boy Luke, I asked Kathleen Henn to create a custom magnet featuring his likeness, just in time for Christmas.


What kind of mischief does your dog get into?


About crystalwayward

I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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  1. This made me smile. Remembering how worried I was about Luke when he jumped through the screen window and spent what I thought were 12 hours of frightened misery, out on his own, in a strange city, only to learn that he ran 35 blocks straight north into the arms of his forever dad – no one could make up a story like that. So meant to be! One of my favorite foster success stories.


  2. Thanks for taking care of Luke when you did, Karen. If not for you, the Zach and Luke bromance never would have happened!

  3. I had 3 dogs. Snickers a pom , she died at 18 years old , Drifus Snickers son who died at 10 years pom / cocker mix from prostrat cancer and Felix snickers grandson (not Drifus his brother is father) Felix whom I just lost this past May. at15 yrs. old .
    My funniest memory was coming home from work to find Drifus with a snack pac pudding in his mouth running around all happy , Snickers in a big bowl of stew i had cooked the day before and Felix with assorted cheeses eating away. I also had just went shopping and hadn’t realized that Drifus learned how to open fridge and cupboards and they were all having a party while I was working. I had to duck tape the door to the fridge until I could get child safety locks for it . I will never forget the look on those sweeties faces having the contents of the fridge for the day. Makes me laugh every time I think about that day.

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