Plant your Christmas tree


We’re giving new meaning to the phrase “living Christmas tree.”

This is our new Norfolk Island Pine. It is going to be our perennial Christmas tree — one that we’ll never have to tear down, store or drag out to the trash (as long as I don’t kill it). As you can see, we haven’t gotten around to decorating it yet.

We had a real tree last year — a cedar that my parents and I picked out and chopped down at an area park. That was fun and felt environmentally responsible because the species (the name of which escapes me) was invasive to Missouri.

Unfortunately, that tree also turned out to be invasive to your skin. Its needles were unbearably prickly, which made decorating unpleasant. The tree also dropped a fair amount of its spikes onto the floor, which not only wedged into our socks but ended up tangled in Luke’s soft golden retriever fur.

Still, getting an artificial tree would have felt like a missed opportunity for someone as plant crazy as I am. So, when my mom suggested a potted Norfolk Island Pine, I got very excited.

After about two weeks with us, the three-foot tree seems pretty content to reside in a corner of our living room, receiving filtered sunlight from North and East-exposed windows.

I understand that Norfolk Island Pines (which actually aren’t pines at all) can pose some gastrointestinal threat to dogs should they ingest the greenery. Luckily, our pack isn’t very interested in the tree. I think it helps that our tree is so tall already and we put it in a really huge pot.

If you celebrate Christmas, what kind of  tree do you have this year? What does your dog think of it?


About crystalwayward

I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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  1. Someday I’d like to have a real tree in a planter! Very cool! Do the dogs try to mark it?

    • We have gone a little bonkers with potted trees — more on that in a future post. So far no attempts at marking. The only guy in the house who ever marks is Scooby, whose preferred annointing point is the outer edge of the bathtub. :/

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