Sweet potato time

The chill in the air borders on frosty lately, which means our garden is about to go dormant for the winter. Actually, that’s a bit of an overstatement.

Our gardening mentor Steve told us the other day that our radishes, turnips and carrots will be safe in the ground for quite a while longer. If we lay down some straw with the carrots in December, we could even wait to harvest them until January or February. What a delight garden fresh veggies will be in the darkest period of winter!


Our sweet potatoes, however, Steve said, had to come out. And so we pulled back the rings of vines that had created a beautiful green crown around our cedar stump all summer. As Steve predicted, there was treasure buried in the dirt we’d mounded around the stump — swollen, edible roots. The sweet potatoes we dug up with our bare hands came in all shapes and sizes. Some were round and fat; others with long and skinny; some have crooked necks like a summer squash.




We don’t have a scale, but we estimate we hauled about 25 pounds of sweet potatoes out of the dirt. I can’t wait to eat them roasted and salted or mashed, or maybe I’ll learn to make a sweet potato pie. If you know a good recipe, please send it!


About crystalwayward

I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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  1. Yum! I love sweet potatoes! You’ll have to share some recipes because I don’t have any for SP besides sweet potato casserole or sweet potatoes with ketchup on top. Yep, one sweet and one salty. I am deprived of sweet potato variety.

  2. I have never been a fan of sweet potatoes until I tossed them in balsamic vinegar, olive oil, rosemary and thyme and roasted them in the oven. Good eatin’!

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