Tilly jumped out of a window

Lost dog

I ran into a nice guy putting up these posters near the Trolley Trail around 55th Street today. His foster dog, Tilly, went to great lengths to escape his home. She busted out of a kennel and managed to pry a slightly open window wide enough to jump out…of the second story.

What’s more, the electric company happened to be working in the area around that time, and, apparently, one of the workers recorded Tilly’s escape on his cameraphone. I would love to see that video. And I would love more for this guy to get his foster dog back.

Tilly came from the Missouri German Shepherd Rescue (MOGS). Incidentally, after meeting her foster dad, I happened upon a pet fair at A Dog’s Fun Playce, where MOGS had a booth.

These adoptable puppies were at the pet fair.

These rescue dogs were also available.

When I mentioned Tilly to one of the MOGS representatives at the pet fair, she implied that prior to entering the rescue program, Tilly had been on her own for a while.

Of course, that reminded me of another once wayward dog. That’s right, Charlie Machete, who seems to be gradually growing out of his waywardness. We seem to be at the point now that if he happens to wiggle through our gate or under a fence, he will take freedom at top speed, even running out of our sight. But he comes back. For us, that’s a huge step.

I hope Tilly makes it back to her foster dad. If you think you can help, call the number on the poster.


About crystalwayward

I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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