Yep, that hacking sound came from the kennel

Yesterday, I wrote a panicked post about our sick puppy Charlie Machete, who was hacking and coughing since returning from his stay at the vet’s office during Zach’s and my vacation last week. On a return visit yesterday, we learned that our assumption was correct. The poor pup did catch kennel cough while boarding.

Machete lounging

Fortunately, kennel cough is not too dangerous in an otherwise healthy dog like Machete. It will often clear up on its own, but our vet sent Machete home yesterday with antibiotics (and no charge for the office visit, since it’s pretty obvious how he got sick). Because kennel cough is highly contagious, though, we have to keep him separated from our other dogs (two of which are elder) for about 14 days.

What’s also contagious: whipworms. As I announced yesterday, Machete’s vet’s office vacation also included a fecal test that turned up positive for whipworms. He was treated for those, too, but will require a follow-up appointment in a couple of weeks to ensure that he has not been reinfected. It’s difficult to know how he got the worms in the first place — he had a negative fecal at the end of June — but according to the scary brochures that the vet sent home with us, whipworm eggs can remain viable in soil for several years. So, our backyard, where many poops have been made, might as well be declared a worm eggery. Eww.

As a wise friend pointed out, though, so could plenty of bare ground in our neighborhood — and surely much of the Trolley Trail. Still, in the interest in doing what’s best for our dogs, we have decided to go ahead and deworm the other three dogs as a precaution and upgrade everyone from Heartguard Plus to Sentinel, a monthly heartworm preventative that is also supposed to be effective against roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and fleas.

To be completely honest, all of this medicating makes the eco freak in me feel nervous (not to mention extremely broke). After all, I did recently hear an interview on NPR’s Science Friday in which a biology professor suggested that intestinal worms, including whipworms, may actually have some beneficial effects (for humans).

Still, I think I’d rather have them not living inside my dogs right now.


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I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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  1. Poor Machete! I hope he gets to feeling better soon! At least the coughing wasn’t an early sign of heartworms!

    Not sure how much of a Sentinel supply you bought for your pups, but you should ask your vet about the generic. The patent on Sentinel just ended this past year and our vet told us about the generic. It’s formulated specifically for each dog based on weight and it’s “only” $99 for a years supply. With us, having 3 dogs also, that was a huge savings!

    Sorry I don’t know the name of it…ours came form Roadrunner Pharmacy. The vet orders it with your specifics for each dog and it came right to our door.

  2. Thanks for the tip on the generic Sentinel. We actually haven’t officially ordered yet (because all the dogs had their Heartguard over the weekend), so I have time to look into the generic. Man, that would be a serious savings!

  3. Yeah – that is good to know about the generic – Heartgard is extremely expensive when you have more than one dog – so that would be good to know the name of the generic! 🙂 Sorry to hear about Machete’e sickness but glad to hear it’s just kennel cough and not something much worse!

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