Neighborhood sketchiness

I hope I don’t meet this guy in my neighborhood.

A while back, after a woman was raped on a part of the trail that we frequent, I wrote about my anger over the insidious fear that can stem from such an incident. Suddenly, I felt a little less safe in my neighborhood, especially when Zach wasn’t around, and in spite of having two sizable dogs with me at virtually all times.

When I heard that someone of a similar description had struck again in this area (thankfully it wasn’t quite a rape this time), my first thought was, “Whew. I’m glad that we have Machete right now.”

Now, isn’t that the face of a living, breathing crime deterrent?

Sweet though he may be, our shovel-headed black foster dog looks like a roughneck. It’s an attribute that I found appealing right away. But as it turns out, even armed with the bully-faced Machete, as well as the big-but-not-at-all-scary-looking Minnie and Luke, I remain hesitant to go into my front yard, much less venture onto the trail, after dark. (You can be damn sure that if I did, Machete would be sans his conversation-starting, dayglow “Adopt Me” vest.)

I hate feeling influenced in this way by a jackass who doesn’t even strike at night (both attacks occured very early in the morning). I don’t know if my reaction is rational, paranoid, culturally-induced or some combination thereof. It’s frustrating that the dogs don’t add much to my sense of security, but I guess that’s an issue I have to work out with myself. Because there will always be bad guys.

Women reading this blog: Do your dogs make you feel safe? What else helps?


About crystalwayward

I live with two formerly wayward dogs. I care deeply about the environment, and I think gardening is a revolutionary act.

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  1. I completely understand where you are coming from. We haven't had any attacks (that I know of) but I've found myself feeling uneasy on my early morning runs lately. So much so, that with Joe out of town right now, I've waited until it's completely light out and there is bound to be traffic on my route. Occasionally, I will take Dixie running with me, and I do feel safer with her. I'd feel even more safe with Brutus, but there's no way he's going out for more than a block or two! Hope they catch the ass that's doing this!

  2. I figure you saw that they caught a suspect?

  3. Wait, you live in Waldo, too?!?! We're neighbors??

  4. Yep! We are neighbors, Waldo Bungie! I am also from Nebraska!

  5. I definitely feel safer with my dog but he’s a large black Rotti-mix. One of the reasons my husband and I wanted a large dog is because I really enjoy walking around my neighborhood and my husband and I felt better about me having company when he wasn’t around. Sorry to hear about the recent crime in your area. My neighborhood is reasonably safe but it’s still L.A.

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